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Free Walking Tours in Spanish and Russian

A tiny green country called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has played a central role in European history for centuries... and what best proves this fact is its millenary capital, Luxembourg city!

Follow Walky Talky Tour guides to discover this charming place where past meets present. We offer highly informative and entertaining free walking tours in your native language - Spanish & Russian :-) Our guides, city residents truly passionate about Luxembourg, will lead you through itineraries that go off the beaten track, so be sure that you'll get a unique experience!

Don't know what to do and where to go next? Don't hesitate to ask your guide for useful tips, they have plenty of them!


How come it's free?

A free tour works on a pay-as-you-want basis, meaning there's no set price, no tickets, but all the freedom to leave your guide a tip at the end of the visit :-)

Free tours timetable

Russian: Monday & Friday / Spanish: Thursday & Saturday

See below the updated schedule:


Why should I book?

1. To let your guide know that you're coming. Also, once we get in touch with you, last minute modifications and small setbacks like arriving late or not finding the start point are easier to communicate & fix :-)

2. Groups are limited to 25 adults (children are welcome), so it's simply better to secure a spot in advance.

3. After filling the registration form you'll receive a confimation mail which contains a link to edit your booking (i.e. add a request or cancel your booking). Please note however, that any free walking tour is subject to cancellation if there are less than 3 inscriptions. In that case, you'll be informed with a short reminder few days before the tour.

In case you're travelling alone, with a bigger group of friends / relatives or just have special travel requirements you might be interested in booking a private tour.

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