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13.04.2019: ¡Desde Brasil, pasando por Egipto, hasta Luxemburgo! Una mañana intensa y llena de sorpresas, incluyendo nieve en pleno abril :D

06.04.2019: The cutest grocery market full of local & international products in the heart of Luxembourg City 🍎🥦🥕 A must see & feel included in our Upper Town free walking tour available soon on Saturday & Sunday! Keep updated 👇

23.03.2019: Luxembourg to be the first country in the world to make all public transport free

Would it fix all problems? I suggest the reading of this nice article authored by researchers at the University of Luxembourg.

The measure will take effect from March 2020. Currently, the public transport in the City is already free on Saturdays and with our free walking tour of Kirchberg you can have a free ride in the most modern design tram of Europe :-)

¿Qué hacer en Luxemburgo en un fin de semana? ¡Toma nota!

Del 20.03.2019 al 11.04.2019 la Cinémathèque de Luxemburgo proyectará algunas películas de habla hispana: 22/03 “Tiempo después”; 28/03 “Another Day of Life”, 30/03 “Quién te cantará”. Cada sesión, además, irá precedida de un cortometraje :-)

Y recuerda, ¡de jueves y domingo tour gratis de la capital!

11.03.2019: Did you know that last weekend (9th &10th of March) whole Luxembourg was celebrating the end of Winter with a traditional bonfire? Nerea & her friends went accompanied by our guide to enjoy the Buergbrennen event with local food, mulled wine and live music.... the latter not very traditional though, ahahah :-D

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